How to Manage Events in a Funnel Step

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A countdown event in ClickFunnels works like a virtual ticking clock you can add to your funnel steps to create urgency and motivate action. For example, if you're hosting a webinar and want to maximize sign-ups, adding a countdown event shows visitors that time is running out to register, encouraging them to make a quick decision. Events are a great way to engage your audience. In this article, we will show you how to manage events within your funnel step. Learn how to attach existing events, create new ones directly from the Funnel builder, and effectively manage them.

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How to Create a New Calendar Event in a Funnel Step

  1. Click on Funnels from the left navigation menu.
  2. Click on the funnel you wish to add a step to open the Funnel Workflow Editor.
  3. Click the three dots next to the Page Name in the funnel workflow editor. This will give you several options to manage your steps.
  4. Click on Manage Events to open the Attached Calendar Events sidebar.
  5. Select the Create a New Calendar Event button.
  6. In the popup window, fill in the details for your new Countdown event:
    • Enter the event Name.
    • Choose the event type: One Time, Recurring, or Hybrid. Each type has specific settings related to the event.
    • Optionally, set the Allow Reregistration After Days value to let users restart the flow as new registrants after a certain number of days.
  7. Click Create Countdown Event to save your event.

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How to Attach an Existing Event in a Funnel Steps

  1. Follow the steps above until step 4.
  2. In the Edit attached calendar event section, click on Calendar Event to open the dropdown menu and select an existing event.

calendar events drop down menu

  1. Click Attach at the bottom of the sidebar to add the event to your funnel.

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Additional Options for Event Management

Not Registered Action: Choose what should happen to contacts who have not registered for the event. You can decide among the following:

  • Redirect to Another URL: This option allows you to redirect non-registrants to a different page. A new field will appear where you can either select an existing page from your workspace or paste a specific URL link to the target page.
  • Register Visitor on Pageview: Automatically register visitors for the event as soon as they land on the page.
  • Register Visitor after Form Submission: Register visitors for the event when they submit an Optin Form on the attached step.

Past Deadline Redirect URL: This feature redirects customers to a different page if they attempt to access an event or content after the specified deadline has passed. This ensures that users who miss the deadline are guided to a relevant page, such as an information page or an alternative event registration.

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