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Screenshot of the Site Settings page.

This article will walk you through all the settings available for your site. Customize your site with your custom domain, logo, and other details that fit your brand. Most of these settings affect all pages throughout the site.

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  • An active ClickFunnels 2.0 account

Accessing Site Settings

  1. Click Sites under “APPS” from the left-hand menu, then select Overview from the drop-down.
    Sites and Overview from the left-hand menu.

  2. Click the three-dot button at the top-right corner, then select Site Settings from the drop-down menu.
    Three-dot icon showing the drop-down to Site Settings.

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Site Information

This section contains essential details such as Site Title, Domain selection, Site Favicon, Header Logo, Time Zone settings, and Theme selection. Understanding and managing Site Information is crucial. It allows you to establish a cohesive online presence by customizing key elements like branding, domain, and appearance to align with their vision and goals.

Site Information section showing site title, domain, site favicon, site header logo, time zone, and theme.

  • Site Title: The title is the name of your site.
  • Domain: Select a domain to use from a list of your configured domains.
  • Site Favicon: The site favicon is the small icon displayed in a web browser’s tab.
  • Site Header Logo: The header logo is used to represent your brand’s logo on your pages.
  • Time Zone: Select a time zone for your site. The selected time zone can be used when scheduling emails and more.
  • Theme: This drop-down lets you change your site’s theme. Click the drop-down button, then select your theme or click the “eye” icon to open a modal that displays the theme pages.

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Site Availability

Site Availability lets you decide if people can see your website. You can make it fully open to everyone with “Public” or show a preview page with “Coming Soon.” This helps you plan your website’s launch, keep it private while you work on it, and look professional online.

Site Availability section showing the public and coming soon options.

  • Public: Setting the site to public means the site is visible to everyone.
  • Coming Soon: Selecting “Coming Soon” will hide the site behind the “Coming Soon” theme template page.

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Tracking Codes

Tracking Codes are a handy feature that lets you add different tracking and analytics tools to your ClickFunnels pages. You can put these codes at the top and bottom of your pages, and even use specific ones for Facebook Pixel and MessageHub. Plus, you can choose if you want to show badges. This tool helps users collect information, check how well their pages are doing, and make their online sites better.

Tracking Codes section showing head and footer code, facebook pixel ID, access token, and test event codes, messagehub inbox token, messagehub status, and hide powered by toggle.

  • Head Code: Head code is added to the header of every page on the site.
  • Footer Code: Footer code is added to the bottom of every page on the site.
  • Facebook Pixel ID: Paste your Facebook Pixel ID into this field to track events from your entire site.
  • Facebook Access Token: Paste your Facebook Pixel’s Conversion API Access Token into the Facebook Access Token field.
  • Facebook Test Event Code: If you need to troubleshoot your Facebook Pixel, you can paste your Test Event Code into the Facebook Test Event Code field.
  • MessageHub Inbox Token: Use this token in setting up MessageHub.
  • MessageHub Status: This lets you switch MessageHub “on” or “off”.
  • Hide ‘Powered by..: Click the toggle to “show” or “hide” the “Hide ‘Powered by..” badge from your pages.

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Advanced Settings

The Advanced Settings is a key tool in ClickFunnels for users who want to go beyond the basics and customize their website. It lets you adjust your site’s appearance, choose themes for your blog and store pages, and set up your homepage layout.

The advanced settings section showing style, blog and store theme, and homepage.

  • Style: Selecting a style will override the active theme’s style for the site.
  • Blog Theme: Selecting a page will override the active theme’s Blog template page.
  • Store Theme: Selecting a page will override the active theme’s “Store front” template page.
  • Homepage: Selecting a page will override the active theme’s home page for your site.

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SEO & Sharing

The SEO & Sharing section is an important feature in ClickFunnels that helps users enhance their website’s online presence and shareability.

The SEO & Sharing section that shows the default page title, default page description, and default sharing image options.

  • Default Page Title: The Default Page Title will determine how your site pages with no SEO & Sharing title of their own are named on search engines and social websites.
  • Default Page Description: If a page on your site does not have a description, the Default Page Description will give your site and all pages a description for search engines and social websites.
  • Default Sharing Image: If a page on your site does not have a sharing image, the Default Sharing Image will give your site and all pages an image for social websites.

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Additional Information

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