Robots.txt FAQs

Modified on Wed, 22 Nov 2023 at 10:41 AM

What are Robots.txt or Robots files?

Robots.txt is a standard website protocol to communicate with web crawlers and search engines, like Google, informing them about which parts of the site should be crawled. It’s a simple text file placed in the root directory of your website server.

The main purpose of robots.txt or the robots file is to provide instructions to web crawlers or bots (also known as robots or spiders) about which pages, directories, or files they are allowed to access and crawl and which ones they should avoid. This helps website owners control how search engines index and display their content in search results.


Why do I need Robots.txt for?

A user might need the Robots file for several reasons, including search engine optimization (SEO), protecting sensitive information by blocking specific folders or sections, complying with local legislation, and reducing server activity.

Overall, Robots.txt is good for controlling how search engines interact with your website and managing resources effectively. 


Can I edit Robots.txt for my ClickFunnels account?

ClickFunnels created a powerful customer-facing platform that gives you access to creating your sites without coding or a high level of expertise in web building required. 

Even with ClickFunnels, you can’t directly access your Robots.txt file. Using the Index In Search Engines feature, you can restrict whether crawlers can index a page.

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