Countdown Timers: Timer Settings

Modified on Wed, 22 Nov 2023 at 10:36 AM

This article will cover all of the settings available to a Countdown Timer. The Countdown Timer settings include options for customizing the timer’s appearance, previewing the timer, and the necessary embed code to use the timer.


  • An active ClickFunnels 2.0 account
  • A Countdown Timer



The Name setting is used to identify this specific Countdown Timer. Type in a name that will help you differentiate between other timers.

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The “Enabled?” toggle lets you turn a timer on or off. Disabling a timer will make it unusable.

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The “General” section contains basic settings common to the timer’s overall styling.

  • Counter Font Size: Set the font size of the numbers in the timer.
  • Counter Font Color: Set the color of the numbers in the timer.
  • Keep Leading Zeros?: Decide if the timer should display leading zeros or not.

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The “Labels” section allows you to customize the appearance of the Days, Hours, Minutes, and Seconds labels.

  • Show …: The toggles enable or disable the visibility of their respective labels.
  • Label Font Size: Set the font size of the labels in the timer.
  • Label Color: Set the color of the labels in the timer.
  • Custom … Label: These fields allow you to customize the text displayed for each respective label.

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The “Background” section controls the appearance of the background surrounding and behind the timer.

  • Background Color: Set the color for the background surrounding and behind the timer.
  • Matte Color: Information coming soon.
  • Background Image: Set an image to appear behind around and behind the timer.
  • Corner Radius: Round the corners of the timer by typing a number here.

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The “Expiration” section lets you customize the behavior of an expired timer.

  • Expire Mode: Choose between hiding the timer completely, showing all zeros, or displaying the message set in the “Expire Message” field.
  • Expire Message: When using the “Show Message” expire mode, this message will be displayed.

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The “Preview” section will show you what your timer will look like. It will update whenever you save changes to your timer by adjusting a setting and clicking the “Update Countdown Timer” button.

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Embed Code:

  • Event Emails: This embed code must be placed in the body of an email that is being sent from a Send Email step (article coming soon) in a Workflow with a Trigger Event Type of “Calendar Event - Contact Registered”.

  • Fixed Datetime: This embed code can be used in any email and doesn’t require a Workflow with a specific trigger or even an event. However, you must manually edit the text in the embed code to customize the timer's deadline.

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Additional Information:

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