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What is the pricing for ClickFunnels?

We’ve simplified our pricing plans to make it easier for you to choose the right fit for your business. ClickFunnels currently offers two pricing tiers: Startup and Pro. Subscriptions can be purchased on a monthly or annual basis. For more details on features and pricing, visit our ClickFunnels Pricing.

Why choose ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels offers a comprehensive suite of tools that empower you to:

  1. Build beautiful, high-converting sales funnels: Our drag-and-drop page builder makes it easy to create stunning landing pages, opt-in forms, and sales pages that convert visitors into customers.
  2. Sell your products and services: ClickFunnels enables you to sell both digital and physical products and easily collect payments using its integrated payment system, Payment AI.
  3. Manage your email marketing: Send automated email sequences to nurture leads and build relationships with your customers.
  4. Create engaging courses: Host online courses, webinars, and membership sites to deliver valuable content and education to your audience.
  5. Run powerful marketing campaigns: Track your results and optimize your funnels for maximum effectiveness.

Can I collect payment from my customers using ClickFunnels?

Yes, you can easily collect payments from your customers using ClickFunnels. The platform supports Payment AI, which includes its own built-in payment gateway. Additionally, you can integrate popular payment gateways such as Stripe, PayPal, NMI, and others within Payment AI. This flexibility allows you to choose the most suitable payment solution for your business, ensuring a smooth and secure transaction process for your customers.

Can I build an eCommerce store?

Yes, ClickFunnels has a STORE feature that allows you to create an eCommerce store. You can display products, set up checkouts, manage shipping methods, and more, enabling you to set up, manage, and optimize your online store to drive sales and grow your business.

Can I build a site?

Yes, ClickFunnels offers a SITE feature that allows you to create a fully functional website. You can select a suitable theme from the pre-built options and customize it using the intuitive Page Editor. This enables you to design professional websites that align perfectly with your business needs and brand identity.

Does ClickFunnels have a CRM?

Yes, ClickFunnels includes robust CRM features such as Appointments, Opportunities, and MessageHub. These tools allow you to schedule and manage online appointments, track and nurture potential sales opportunities, and communicate effectively with customers through MessageHub. This comprehensive CRM functionality helps streamline your customer relationship management processes and improve overall business efficiency.

Is it possible to connect third-party tools to my funnel?

Absolutely! ClickFunnels enables you to integrate supported third-party applications directly into your ClickFunnels workspace. This allows you to enhance your funnel’s functionality and streamline your workflow. Visit our Integration page to view the supported integrations.

Can I build a course?

Yes, you can build a course using ClickFunnels. The platform allows you to create and manage courses, add videos, audio, and other content, and set up membership areas for your students. This makes it easy to deliver educational content and manage your online courses effectively.

Can I connect custom domains?

Yes, you can connect custom domains to your ClickFunnels account. This allows you to brand your funnels, websites, and pages with your own domain name, creating a more professional and cohesive online presence.

Can I create automation?

Yes, you can create automation in ClickFunnels. The platform allows you to set up workflows and broadcasts to automate various marketing and sales processes, helping you save time and improve efficiency.

What support options are available for ClickFunnels users?

ClickFunnels offers various support options:

  1. Help Center: Access a vast library of articles and tutorials.
  2. Live Chat: Get immediate help from our support team.
  3. Community Forum: Engage with other ClickFunnels users and experts in our Facebook Community.
  4. Email Support: Send your queries to our support team for detailed assistance.

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