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Product Type Window

This article will explain in detail the Product Types available in ClickFunnels. When you begin the process of crafting a product via the Products tab, you’re requested to specify the type of product you intend to create. A product can have only one product type. You can create Digital and Physical products in ClickFunnels. Depending upon the type of the product, the setup method and delivery method are different.

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  • An active ClickFunnels 2.0 account

Digital Product

A Digital Product is an intangible item or content that exists in electronic form, such as downloadable files or online courses. Customers typically gain immediate access to digital goods upon completing their purchase. Within the context of ClickFunnels, digital products typically include downloadable content, online courses, software, e-books, and various digital files that provide value to customers in virtual form.


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Physical Product

In ClickFunnels, a Physical Product refers to tangible goods that are sold and delivered to customers physically. Unlike digital products, which are intangible and exist electronically, physical products are tangible items that customers can touch, feel, and use. With ClickFunnels, you can sell a variety of physical products. These include clothing, electronics, household items, health products, beauty goods, and books, among others.

Physical Product

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Bundled Product (Coming Soon)

The Bundle Product feature is coming soon.

Bundled Product

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Additional Information

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